Here are the most frequently asked questions by our customers about the Emapa Web Router program and the answers to them.

How often are the maps updated?

Maps are updated 4 times a year.


Does Emapa Web Router take into account statutory breaks in the driver’s work?

Yes, the working time for each driver is set individually in the program by the User. It can define 3 different parameters: driver’s daily working time, maximum driving time and break time.


Are tolls updated?

Tolls are updated on a regular basis as soon as we notice such changes.


Does Emapa Web Router take into account temporarily closed roads? (renovations)

Yes, the program takes into account roads that are temporarily closed and does not calculate routes on these sections. The condition, however, is the duration of the renovation – roads with a planned temporary closure of more than half a year are taken into account.


What is the limit of objects imported into the application?

Both the version with the map of Poland and Europe allows you to import up to 1000 objects. Up to 100 objects can be imported in the demo version.


Does Emapa Web Router have the ability to integrate with an external system (e.g. ERP)?

Emapa Web Router is a closed product with no integration options. It has the ability to import data from an xlsx or csv file.


Does the route report include a map with the route in addition to the description?

No, the report contains detailed information about the route: total cost, total time, total distance in kilometers. The detailed report highlights the above information broken down into individual sections between waypoints. The report also includes detailed costs broken down into fuel costs, drivers, tolls and other costs set by the User (e.g. mileage).

The route map is not part of the report, but it can be printed from the program. Click the right mouse button and select the “print” option.


For which vehicles can routes be determined?

Routes are calculated for the following default types of vehicles: passenger cars, trucks up to 12T, trucks up to 40T and trucks over 40T. Apart from them, it is possible to define any vehicle profile.


Does the program count the cost of the route?

Yes, one of the basic functions of the program is the precise calculation of route costs. They are divided into operating costs (including fuel, mileage, hourly cost) and road toll costs in Poland and other European countries.


Does the program count the cost of the routes in Europe?

Yes, the program is used to calculate the cost of routes divided into operating costs and tolls. Depending on the country in Europe, a different toll system applies.

Can you compare routes?

Yes, the route comparison option is available from the Route Records -> Compare Routes tab. Routes can be compared with each other in terms of values in the table, e.g. length in km, total cost, toll cost or visually compared by displaying on the map using different colors.


Can the order of waypoints be optimized?

Yes, the program allows you to optimize the order of waypoints. Optimization can be simple and detailed. Simple optimizes the order of points taking into account the distance in a straight line between them, and detailed optimization takes into account road infrastructure. However, Emapa Web Router is not a tool for optimizing multiple routes at the same time. Another program from Emapa’s offer – MapGO – is used for this purpose.


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